A Closer Look At Dieline's 2020 Plastic-Free Innovation Award Winners

Now in its second year, Dieline Awards gives out the Plastic-Free Innovation Award to the best packaging project that utilizes plastic-free materials. Already,...

The World's Best Packaging: Dieline Awards 2020 Winners Revealed

Dieline Awards, now in our 10th year, is the world’s leading packaging design competition.  Presented by Adobe Dimension, and sponsored by Neenah, Designalytics, and...

Aprch Brings A Minimal Palette To CBD Sparkling Water

Founded in 2018, Aprch is a CBD wellness beverage inspired by adventure and the environment. The cans come with minimal branding and a...

Kellogg's Takes Toucan Sam In A Drastic New Direction And No One's Having It

Can cartoon breakfast cereal mascots go through a midlife crisis? Kellogg’s may be trying to prove it is possible with a controversial refresh...

Everlane Aims To Tread Lightly WIth Eco-Focused Shoe Line

Everlane is well known in the fashion world for its commitment to radical transparency. Not only do they strive to make clothes that...

Dieline Awards 2020 Best of Show: Figlia – Feminine by Nature Olive Oils

This line of limited-edition olive oils are stunning; featuring hand-made clay bottles, the labels on each are decidedly feminine, featuring gorgeous illustrations and...

Dieline Awards 2020 Plastic Free Innovation of the Year: Pearl

Just like an ocean gem, Pearl is a beautifully shaped paper pod born in nature and formed by the sea. After a series of...

Kencko Showcases The Natural Beauty Of Produce With Their Instant Smoothies

It’s universally accepted that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is an essential component of good health, but even meeting the recommended...

United Soda Gives Us A Contemporary Take On Pop

Sodas have gotten a bad rap for quite some time, maligned for its high caloric content, consisting mostly of sugar and the inclusion...

Sun-Maid Undergoes First Major Refresh Since Disco Was Cool

Sun-Maid Growers of California, a cooperative of farmers in the Central Valley of the Golden State, has had its mascot of a smiling...

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